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“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” – Zig Ziglar

This is my 100th post. Thank you for reading. I have thought a lot about what this blog has done. I have faced the fear of writing in public. I have set a few new goals. I have grown by learning from and for the readers.

I believe there is a better way for the horse industry. I believe there are great ways to diversify or build your income by helping others. I believe everyone and anyone can achieve whatever they set a goal to achieve.

Jeff Olson (CEO of Nerium) and David Byrd (a personal consultant) have great goal achieving strategies. Jeff Olson’s book, “The Slight Edge” talks about small tasks completed daily build over time into great accomplishments. He also believes in the power of making people better. He started a magazine Live Happy as well as the Happiness Movement. He spoke to the United Nations about the power of happiness. He chose the Pharrel Williams song “Happy” to be played at all the conventions for Nerium. By the way my favorite lyrics of that song are, “can none bring me down because I’m happy!” David Byrd is a consultant – both private and for Nerium. His philosophy is to be well rounded in all parts of your life (Physical, Mental, Social, Financial, Spiritual and Family). He does this through a 5 year vision, one year goals, monthly initiatives and daily action steps in all six areas of your life.

This all sounds pretty touchy feely especially for a fat bald cowboy, but it works! Getting everything you want in life is simple. Don’t live small, dream big dreams! Work backward from those dreams to what small steps you can do today, tomorrow and the next day to achieve those dreams in a few years AND enjoy life along the way.

One of my goals is to dance with the fear. Seth Godin has wonderful quotes on fear. “The easiest thing is to react, the second easiest thing is to respond, but the hardest thing to do is initiate.”  Seth talks about the lizard brain. The part of your brain that reacts like a wild animal. The part that worries about food, not dying and reproducing. Seth also says when you feel the fear, when you hear from your lizard brain you need to say, “thanks for coming, this means I am close to doing something special.”

Dream big dreams, set big goals, work your ass off daily, be happy and dance with the fear.

Thank You!

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    Ken Rose December 15, 2014 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    "Work backward from those dreams to what small steps you can do today" This reminds me of when I was in the construction business. We used PERT models to complete the projects on time. Look at the Wikipedia article at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Program_evaluation_and_review_technique
    This may provide some guidance or assistance on achieving those goals. Maybe it is applicable or may be too complicated. I will let you decide.

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