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Flow or The Dance:

I have written about “The Dance”  or lately I’ve been saying “Flow." When you ride a horse it is more like a dance than a dictatorship meaning it should be like two people dancing and moving as one. The way we draw the reins and shift weight back onto one hip and apply pressure with [...]

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Helping People

I love Zig Ziglar. The best quote ever is “you can have anything in this world you want as long as you help enough other people get what they want.”  Every great outcome in life comes from helping others. The more you give the more you get. If you focus on the giving, the getting [...]

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I think a big problem with the horse industry is that we don’t have a common language to discuss training. To one person the word “soft” means slow, to another it means the horse reacts quickly to another it means they react slowly. Here is what I think it means. Soft is the light, willing [...]

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Most of the time people focus on why. Why do I work? Why don’t I have more money? Why should I do that? Why does that person treat me bad? Why is great and we should use it to redirect our thoughts. Shift from the question of Why to the answer of How?  How can [...]

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Root of All Evil

I like the movie Wall Street. The first one. Gordon Gecko was a wall street guy who bought companies, broke them up and sold the pieces for a profit. He was giving a speech and said, “Greed is good.” I love that quote. I believe that if no one was greedy we would never get [...]

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