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As I was driving at dark thirty this morning (between 2-4 AM for you non horse show people, because horse show people knew what I meant), I was thinking about prosperity again and what it means to me.  I thought of the word effort and what it takes to make something special. This time of [...]

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Teach to the Test

When I train horses, once they are broke enough to know generally what career they want to do, I will focus on the things that are important to that discipline. Let’s say I think this horse is going to be a Reiner. I will start to work on the backup. Every time the horse stops [...]

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What Can We Control?

No one is in total control of their lives. You have bosses. If you don’t have a boss you have customers. If you have a spouse, or children, or roommates you are not in control of everything. I have been trying to follow what Tommy T wrote about in his guest blog on July 21st “The [...]

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Who’s Right?

I am struggling with the topic of prosperity. I’ve always been one who looks at the most expensive things and wanted them. My mom has always said, “Hoyt wants to live on champagne with a beer budget.” She’s right. I have read many things on simplification as the way to achieve happiness. I don’t know [...]

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This blog is perfect for what I am getting fixed right now. Balance on the horse affects the way he travels both direction and movement. So when there is a rider issue (like a bad leg), the horse compensates because the rider is compensating. The big decision to get my hip fixed occurred when Pam [...]

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Good People

I seldom write about the farm or our showing. We just returned from the Arabian Canadian Nationals and I have to brag about my wife. With me recovering from a hip surgery, Pam basically did this show alone. She not only handled it like I knew she would, she had the best results we have [...]

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Understanding Substitutes

I really enjoy reading Seth Godin’s Blog and I get a ton of good information out of them. This one seems to have hit on about four or five great concepts on selling products. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ________________________ Understanding Substitutes - Seth Godin This is a pretty long [...]

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Conditioning for Health

If we constantly slow a horse down, and by slowing the horse down he naturally wants to shorten his stride, we don’t keep all the joints, muscles and ligaments as loose as we could compared to if the horse is long trotting with a longer extension using the full range of motion. Too, if we [...]

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64,000 Lights

When each person counts. 1+1+1+1+1+1 … = 64,000. Each number 1 is important. Each number 1 is an individual. If we take a group of number 1s and try to let one person decide what all mean, we can sway what people think. But is it better? Is it an accurate assessment of what the [...]

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Our Friends Down Under

I was excited to be approached by Christine Munier ... as she puts it, "a horse crazy and travel obsessed Australian." She is a writer, blogger, and owns and manages a riding school in Australia. She highlighted me earlier this week and I thought I'd share it with you here. Be sure to check her [...]

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