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How Do You Define Prosperity?

There’s a great quote by Calvin Coolidge on prosperity: Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped. Prosperity is defined by many as it relates to how much money is, or isn’t, in the bank. There’s a danger there. Yes, money matters. It does. But to me, prosperity is also [...]

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Effort with Horses

As I was thinking of last Friday’s blog I started relating it to horse training. As I explained then, we start all the young horses in November so they have plenty of time to learn. Preparation is the key to success with horses. I always tell people that repetition, consistency, and sweaty saddle pads are [...]

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Solving Problems

Seth Godin had a blog last week that talked about instead of doing what you love, to love what you do. Whatever you do for a living or for a hobby find a problem worth solving and solve it. Life is way more interesting when you’re doing something exciting. Think of the Wright Brothers. There [...]

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