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Dropping a shoulder

I usually don’t worry about a horse dropping their shoulders because to me it has more to do with the horses direction.  If a horse feels like he is dropping a shoulder it is because he is trying to turn before you ask him to. The best exercise I know of is the counter canter.  [...]

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Are we afraid of freedom?  What is true freedom?  Not financial freedom, but life freedom.  Lately I have gone fishing, watched our kids play basketball and hockey and spent some time with family.  I usually tell myself I am not done with my job and stay home from these things.  The interesting thing is the [...]

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    I try to think of what is important to say or at least entertaining in this blog, but this is the nuts and bolts of life.  Just do it!  Write, ride, sell, run, jump, race, show, eat, diet....whatever makes you tick do it and do it often.   What will you do today?

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The hour glass.

The hour glass exercise is when you lope around the entire arena and when loping down the long wall you veer to the center of the arena and then veer back to the wall.  The path you take around the arena becomes the shape of an hour glass. This is a great exercise for balance [...]

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I, as well as many other trainers talk about repetition, consistency and sweaty saddle pads training horses.  I believe this is the formula for achieving any goal.  Repeated daily tasks (repetition), doing it the same way (consistency) and working hard (sweaty saddle pads).    All this sounds pretty simple, like everyone should know it.  But why [...]

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Here is a blog from Seth Godin.  I subscribe and read his blog every day.  You can find his blog here.  He has a great way of telling us to just do it!  Enjoy Plyometrics Explosive action. Training by jumping from a standing start. Not worrying about getting up to speed, but going from standing [...]

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S Exercise

This is one of the exercises from my eBook.  I am working on making it available right from this site.  Thank you for your patients.  Anyone who has a copy and has questions or comments please share them with me for future blog posts or just to make the book easier to understand.  Thank you! [...]

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“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Zig Ziglar “Don’t try to eat the whole elephant all at once.”  Jen Sincero  I believe this is where most people stop.  They look at a big dream or a big goal and stop because it’s too big.  Think about having a million dollars.  If I told you [...]

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I was reading an article about decision fatigue and how the great CEO’s and presidents wear the same thing every day so they don’t have to think about what to wear.  Steve Jobs owned 35 black turtle necks and the same jeans.  Mark Zuckerberg wears a grey t-shirt, a black hoodie and jeans every day. [...]

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Go over bridle

Everyone talks about a horse pushing to his face or going over the bridle.  I see a lot of horses having their head pulled down or being jerked off the bridle, but I seldom really see a horse going over the bridle.  This exercise ensures that you have a place to go back to in [...]

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