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I had the pleasure of spending 2 days at the 60th Scottsdale Arabian show.  What a great venue to showcase the horses and what a production.  Of course I spent most of the time in the reining arena.  The Half Arabian reining futurity was awesome to watch.  The atmosphere was of a major event with [...]

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Finding fear

Every great deed in history came from fighting through the fear.  Seth Godin calls this the resistance.  In sales all your success comes from fighting through the 30 seconds of fear to make the sale.  What about the little fears?  Asking a girl to dance, walking into a job interview or jogging into the arena?  [...]

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Money = Happy

Charles Richards, author of The Psychology of Wealth, says. "It's no coincidence that money is also called currency, taken from the word current—the flow of electric charge through a conductor," he writes. "Learning to manage money responsibly and serve others is like being able to use electric current in a productive manner. We can become [...]

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“You never really win the match in the match. You win the match by the practice you do leading up to it.” Randy Gage. Whether it’s showing horses or playing a sport or your job, practice is where the real winning happens.  I relate a lot of what I talk about to training horses, but [...]

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I had a question about a horse who curled his lips when he was shown.  As a judge this makes me think the horse is nervous or uncomfortable, as a trainer it makes me think I need to switch gears. I have worked with many horses who less than thrilled with me were trying to [...]

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What a ride

Have you ever thought back to something you had done in your past and got scared?  Something that at the time was fun, but really stupid and probably dangerous and probably you would tell very few people about now?  Those are the moments, if you live through them that really define you, help you grow [...]

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