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I was getting hay a couple years ago from a local dairy farmer.  He had a small farm, a newer double wide trailer house and well-kept Oliver tractors.  Someone said how hard it was to make a living farming and he replied “I’m rich!”  Everyone looked at him funny.  He started in explaining he had [...]

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Thermometer or thermostat

A thermometer is a device that checks the temperature.  It will tell you what your body already knows if it’s cold or if it’s hot.  It also tells you what the temperature is outside before you go out.  A thermometer reads what has happened or is happening.  If you feel sick you use a thermometer [...]

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Today is the International Day of Happiness!  The first International Day of Happiness was 3 years ago on March 20.  The United Nations is in on it as well so you know it must be important.  The idea is to spread happiness by doing something for another person just to make them happy.  They even [...]

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Just do it

A good friend and mentor and I were riding a couple young horses a few years back.  I was asking questions about getting hip control, shoulder control and a soft low head for a lead change.  I was spending a lot of time jogging around pushing this and pulling that and trying to teach my [...]

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The trail less traveled

I've read and listened to many personal development books who's authors made a lot of money from their wisdom, but most of what they say is summed up in a poem by a horse trainer.  Enjoy the read and tell Doug so when you see him.   The Trail Less Traveled By Doug Stewart December, [...]

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Win or learn

What if it was impossible to lose?  What if everything you tried you won in one way or another?  Can you remember when you learned to ride a bike?  When you ride a bike for the first time you fell down.  You probably fell down many times.  Did your parents say that you lost that [...]

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Being a leader is about doing the hard things when it is not in your best interest but in the interest of the group.  Another way to think of it is if you try to force someone to work for you with more money or your power they will do it, but they will never [...]

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Busy is lazy

Have you ever noticed that now days when you ask someone how are you they say “busy”?  What does that mean?  Are they working 80 hours a week?  Are they running kids and family to many different functions?  Are they chasing their hobbies and activities?  In some form or another they are probably doing all [...]

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