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Show up

Have you faked it?  Gone to a class or had a video playing or attended a seminar and not been there.  Not really shown up and listened, watched or learned.  Why?  If we are not going to put in the effort to try, why even show up?  Highly successful people only do things 100% or [...]

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This is a great read on trail horses, but even better on the theories of how to gain respect and be the leader for your horse.  I found it on a forum and the writer is Cheri Wolfe.  Pete and Cheri Wolfe trained Reiners and cow horses until their health restricted them to trail horses.  [...]

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What is your magic number?  What is the amount of money that if you had you would do exactly what you wanted to do?  The point of the story isn’t to find that number.  If you do focus on the number then my guess would be it would forever grow bigger.  I don’t remember what [...]

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Success is pretty simple.  Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.  The first word in that line is the most important “do”.  I heard a saying when I joined a network marketing company many years ago.  “Vision with no action is just a dream and action with no vision is pointless, but [...]

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Carry your own weight

Riding a horse is a dance.  Imagine one partner never touching the ground and the other carrying them the whole time. While giving a lesson, a client made the observation that you need to carry your own weight.  The horse is hopefully trying to move gracefully and athletically in whatever discipline that you are riding.  [...]

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Tomorrow is a lie. Great entrepreneurs and highly productive people know that you have to do today everything that is truly in your power to do. Action helps propel more action and more forward energy. You can amass great momentum by taking actions every day toward your vision. However, just like momentum builds on itself, [...]

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I got a fortune cookie that said “Life is a mountain not a beach”  It is funny how many things I saw in the last 24 hours that related to this statement. Seth Godin  “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try”.  Nobody ever climbs a mountain, gets to the top [...]

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Show season is upon us.  One of the biggest goals that I set for all of our clients who show is to ride the class like we practice and to practice like we ride the class. One thing that happens when a person enters the show ring is they change the way they are riding.  [...]

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