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Tragedy of keeping up

  “Either you run the day or the day runs you.”  Jim Rohn What’s the last thing you think before going to bed?  Most people think of what they didn’t get done today.  Why are we all so busy that we can’t complete tasks in a normal 8 hour day?  Is the economy so bad [...]

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Horse life

  Last Tuesday about 10:30 in the morning Eleanor called me.  She wasn't her normal laughing or picking on me self.  All she said was Hesa died.  It made my heart stop.  I had the privilege of riding many of his babies.  Both of our children learned to ride on a Hesa daughter.  On the [...]

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Permanent Vacation

I’m really not a creepy stalker, but I love to people watch and think about everyone’s story.  I’m in an airport waiting for a flight and I see many people on a phone, tablet or computer.  Most look like they are tired and crabby.  One guy is yelling at someone on the phone about a [...]

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Crazy days

I have been out of touch with the show season going full tilt.  Thank you to all who talked to me about the blog.  It’s crazy to me that a fat bald guy can get people to read what I write.  Truthfully I have really missed writing.  Writing keeps me on a schedule of thinking [...]

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