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Easy organization

I got a great idea for a saddle blanket rack from Dan Lynch about 15 years ago.  You take 1/2 inch pipe 2 foot long and a "T" with 1 inch long side of the "T" to make the part you lay the saddle pad on.  I like to have 6 of these.  Then use [...]

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Comfort zone

“Nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished with a guarantee of success.” John F. Kennedy Seth Godin writes of the difference between the “safety zone” and the “comfort zone”.  The comfort zone is like the name says, where you are comfortable.  You believe you know what will happen and how you and others will respond.  The [...]

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Soft 5

This is an excerpt from a article posted on by Bryan Neubert. Our definition: Getting your horse in a position and in a frame of mind to accept a request, whatever that may be. By Bryan Neubert If I have a friend and I need to make a request of that friend, I’ll [...]

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I ask the question of people I give lessons, what is the easiest direction to ride a horse?  The answer is the direction he is going.  Such is life.  If you have aspirations to be singer, but you decide it is foolish to pursue this life.  You will never be fulfilled.  You may sing for [...]

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Change your mind

Rearranging our prejudices Change is the point. It's what we seek to do to the world around us. Change, actual change, is hard work. And changing our own minds is the most difficult place to start. It's also the only place to start. It's hard to find the leverage to change the way you see [...]

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Soft 4

    Soft-4 I am not a big Parelli fan, but I do like this quote.  Horses have to think to be soft and they learn from the release of pressure.  But you do have to apply the pressure to teach. The word “soft” when referring to horse training is usually referring to the horse [...]

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