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What I’m About

This initial post is kind of scary for me. I am going to talk about where I want my life to go and what is important to me. I am afraid of what people might think and what affects it will have on my future, not only with business but also with friendships.

I have always been a guy who likes the outdoors and romance of the cowboys riding the trails, living off the land. Partnering with an animal that is not only your only mode of transportation, but a critical part of personal survival. So I found it very cool to train horses and travel to shows. Along the way it has changed me, or I have found who I am. I am not sure which.

Truth be told, I have done things I am not proud of to get the job done. I’ve learned that all of the horrible things we hear about the horse show world have some truth, probably more truth than anyone wants to believe. Now days I try to step back and look in as an outsider and see what non show people see, and think what non show people think. I see people who do really love the animals, and the life, and the possibility of glory winning a national title, but I really think most people are blinded by what they see every day. I also see a group of people leaving the showing world or any competition to go on trail rides, or ride in an arena for fun, or just own horses to watch them in a pasture. I like to ask people, “why do you show?” Most say because I love it. And when asked why they love it, they say I just do. Why?

So here’s what I am for and what I am about. I want there to be purpose for what we do. Purpose for both the horse and the rider. Horses need a reason to do something if you want them to work with you and not just for you. Purpose for the horse can be following a cow, getting from point a to b, receiving praise, the pursuit of understanding or connection. All these things are purpose for horses. I sound really touchy feely here and that’s uncomfortable, but it’s the truth. A rider’s purpose is the exact same thing. Most of the time riders are looking for or longing for connection with the horse. So this blog is about finding the connection. Life, Prosperity and Horses.

– Hoyt Rose