All Bits Should Be Outlawed!

//All Bits Should Be Outlawed!

All Bits Should Be Outlawed!

Here’s a video that explains the title.

I had this video and an article posted to my Facebook and was asked what I think. I really don’t know what to think. Outlawing bits would be like outlawing guns. The problem isn’t the tool. It’s the use of the tool. And I’m not trying to get political with that statement. A tool in the wrong hands will do harm. A tool in the right hands can be life changing.

Let’s face some facts head on. First, we are talking about sitting on top of an 800 to 1000 pound animal that has the strength and ability to get us off if he wants to. Next, we are using animals for our enjoyment, or mode of transportation. Neither of these is necessary in this day and age. And last, it is human nature to try and find a quicker and easier way to get to the same result.

I like horses. I think, as most people think, that we should care for and treat these animals with respect and manage their lives as though it was our child because we are using them for our personal satisfaction. I also believe that a domesticated animal will have a better life than their counter parts that live in the wild and have to provide food for themselves. That said, a horse carrying a person around for an hour a day a few days a week isn’t too much to ask in trade. I also believe that most horses do like the relationship of horse and rider as well as the teacher and student relationship.

The question of a bit causing electric shock waves or whatever the video said may or may not be true, but again I believe that the tool is not the issue. I have seen halter burns as well as bosal and hackamore burns from horses being ridden with head gear not inside a horse’s mouth. The trainer’s ability to teach and communicate with the animal in the least severe way is what we should all strive for as horse trainers and rider educators. I compare teaching horses to teaching children. The old days of the school nuns having rulers and smacking kids around are gone. So it is with horse training … or at least I hope we’re heading in that direction.

As I write about in the Life and Prosperity blogs, we should focus on the positive and ignore the negative. The only way for something to have energy is to focus on it and talk about it. Especially if we talk about the negative – it gives it energy. My hope is to shine light on all the positives in the horse world and that energy will expand the positive and dissolve the negative aspects.

On that note, please share something positive in your horse world by commenting.

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    Ashley Karna September 24, 2014 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    The people I've met, the horses, my job, the knowledge I have gained, etc

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    Jamie Keller September 24, 2014 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    In the right hands, as you mentioned, the bit is a communication tool. It can be used as a weapon as well, as can so many other things we do with our horses. Education is of utmost importance! Thank you for your insightful blogs!!!

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    Peggy Sheldon September 25, 2014 at 10:38 pm - Reply

    My horses are part of my family- part of that love is setting boundaries. It takes tools to teach and guide with at least some consequence along the way. Cause and effect, give and take, lessons learned, better decisions made in the future. It all takes a caring person with a guiding hand. With every responsibility had better come never ending learning with the desire to make YOURSELF better. It is all in the delivery.

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