Let It Go

A few years back I was hauling horses to Scottsdale with a friend. The trip was going great with no problems and then we got up one side of the mountain at Flagstaff Arizona. As we drove down the other side it started to snow. Then is snowed really hard. I am from Wisconsin and [...]

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I Want

This time of year we hear kids say I want this and that for Christmas … and adults (kinda) saying they just want a day off, or more money. How much would those things change your life? Your mood? How about a visit from a relative or old friend? My best friend from high school [...]

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Have you ever sat back and looked at the horse industry and how much we put into these animals not only financially but also time and effort? Think of how many people are involved in a great show horse’s lifetime. Think of your vet, your farrier and how much knowledge they have to put into [...]

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True North

I saw a video on Facebook the other day. It was of a reining horse demonstrating the maneuvers of reining. The horse and rider were doing a fantastic job in my opinion. I noticed in the comments that someone said how disgusting it was that the horses head was so low and how could anyone [...]

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Tiny Houses

I was watching the “tiny houses” TV show last night. What an interesting idea. If we have room for a bunch of shit we usually fill it up. If we don’t have room, we don’t fill it up. Same is true for our time. The holidays coming up fast and then it’s the new year. [...]

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