Soft 5

This is an excerpt from a article posted on by Bryan Neubert. Our definition: Getting your horse in a position and in a frame of mind to accept a request, whatever that may be. By Bryan Neubert If I have a friend and I need to make a request of that friend, I’ll [...]

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Soft 4

    Soft-4 I am not a big Parelli fan, but I do like this quote.  Horses have to think to be soft and they learn from the release of pressure.  But you do have to apply the pressure to teach. The word “soft” when referring to horse training is usually referring to the horse [...]

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Soft 3

Soft – 3 I often write about the word soft.  I think it is the word that is used to mean many different things to many people when training and showing horses.  HERE and HERE are the link to prior blogs about the word. This will be hard for some to believe, but I was watching [...]

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Here Horsy, Horsy, Horsy.

Are horse’s livestock or are they pets?  Many people feed them treats like a dog.  Many people play with them in their stalls or in an arena.  Many people buy them toys to play with in the stall or in their pasture.  But, they live in a barn or pasture.  Horse also live in large [...]

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  I love to listen to people talk about horses.  I would say the 90% of the people have something good to say.  The problem that I see is the terminology that everyone uses isn’t the same.  I believe the biggest misunderstood word is “soft”.  Just because a horse holds his head still doesn’t mean [...]

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Barn Smarts

  I have all sorts of ideas about how to work smarter and be more efficient in the barn from hanging our bridles in the arena, to stalling young horses closer to the round pen.  Basically how to save steps while working.  Sometimes I think it’s just because I’m lazy, but it does help me [...]

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Horse life

  Last Tuesday about 10:30 in the morning Eleanor called me.  She wasn't her normal laughing or picking on me self.  All she said was Hesa died.  It made my heart stop.  I had the privilege of riding many of his babies.  Both of our children learned to ride on a Hesa daughter.  On the [...]

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Love the ride

On Monday I posted a question on Facebook.  “What changes would you like to see in the horse industry? Go!”  I received a lot of comments from financial transparency to politics in the ring to animal abuse to the expense of it all.  These are all great issues that need to be addressed.  Funniest thing [...]

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This is a great read on trail horses, but even better on the theories of how to gain respect and be the leader for your horse.  I found it on a forum and the writer is Cheri Wolfe.  Pete and Cheri Wolfe trained Reiners and cow horses until their health restricted them to trail horses.  [...]

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Carry your own weight

Riding a horse is a dance.  Imagine one partner never touching the ground and the other carrying them the whole time. While giving a lesson, a client made the observation that you need to carry your own weight.  The horse is hopefully trying to move gracefully and athletically in whatever discipline that you are riding.  [...]

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