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Ever seen someone running to the bathroom right before a class?  Nerves could be getting to them.  It’s happened to me before.  Not trying to brag, but I have also been in a class and thought “unless I fall off I should win”.  Neither thought, being scared of the competition or thinking you’re better is beneficial.

I love to people watch especially at a horse show.  Even more especially I like to watch the trainers.  You see the guy who is a blow hard.  He doesn’t think his shit stinks.  It’s always someone else’s fault if he doesn’t win and everyone else’s horse sucks compared to his.  Then you have the guy who watches to see who’s watching him.  He follows the blow hard around telling him how good he is and making friends with all the right people trying to become the next blow hard.  He never does.  And then you have the quiet guy Bill.  Doesn’t talk much, just does his job.  Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses, but always seems to do a little better the next time.   This is the guy to watch.  Sure the other two are good entertainment, but the quiet one is the one to learn from.  He never puts anyone down.  He always is grateful and he seems to be working on something important.

Be Bill.

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    Kathy Zalusky November 13, 2015 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    Still waters run deep. My Bill isn't a trainer, but he's a Bill.

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