My dad sent me an article from a handgun magazine about how to shoot better. The article had a quote: “Your goal should not be to never miss, but to give yourself every opportunity to hit your target.” I thought about this relating to training and showing horses as well as to life. If we look at how people are successful most of the time it has to do with preparation or practicing or learning. Then we think about never giving up or working hard. This quote speaks to something quite different. I believe it means that if you think about the negative, or losing, you bring in the possibility that could happen.

“Nothing is real until thinking it makes it so.” I don’t remember where I heard this originally, but what if just by thinking a negative thought we allow that negative possibility? I’m not saying that negative things will not happen, but if we never think a negative thought, will it make negative things less likely?

This also comes speaks to confidence. When we give lessons on reining horses we have people lope ten to fifteen (or more) circles each direction – half at a fast speed and half at a slow speed. We also have them work on spinning six to eight times. The pattern only asks for three circles each way. Two large fast and one small slow. The pattern also asks for four spins each way. I always get the question why are we doing so many more circles and spins than what we do in the patterns? My answer is that if we can do fifteen great circles in practice, doing three during the pattern should be easy. Preparation and hard work will lead to confidence and give you many more opportunities to succeed.

A negative attitude is like Kryptonite to superman.

“Whether you think you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” – Henry Ford

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    Mary Smith September 8, 2014 at 1:14 pm - Reply

    Very true, Hoyt, on the positive thinking bringing positive results, even if the results may not be exactly what you were aiming for. You are likely closer to the target than with negativity.

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