Crazy days

//Crazy days

Crazy days

I have been out of touch with the show season going full tilt.  Thank you to all who talked to me about the blog.  It’s crazy to me that a fat bald guy can get people to read what I write.  Truthfully I have really missed writing.  Writing keeps me on a schedule of thinking about the future and what I hope to see in it.  Over the first 6 shows of the year many DIY horse people have introduce themselves at the shows, commented on the blog and I love it.  Helping people with horses is one of my goals.  We just finished a great Region 10 show with many champions and reserves, but the 3 that really meant a lot were the ladies who were in the adult horsemanship class.  Out of 11 riders we had all 3 in the top five and both champion and reserve.  It was awesome to know that people Pam and I teach can control their horses better than the rest.  Control to me is the most important part of riding.  This is a future I want to see.

What are some goals that you have for your horse future or just the future in general?

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