Do They Want to Know?

//Do They Want to Know?

Do They Want to Know?

There is a lot of adverse chatter when it comes to the horse industry. One negative stigma is many believe trainers keep owners in the dark. Another is owners turn a blind eye if a questionable tactic works. People often speculate about the amount of work trainers actually do. For most trainers, the work is long, but trainers bring it on themselves. So, what to make of all of this?

We’re in the entertainment industry and because of this, some people will pay a premium for better entertainment. They don’t want to be bothered with the daily ins and outs of what happens with their horse’s care. These owners trust in the trainers to do the best job for both the owner and the horse. I recently talked with an owner of several thoroughbred horses who said, “As long as the horse is taken care of I don’t care to know everything that happens. I want the best for my horse and if it costs a little more that is fine.” This is great when it works and most of the time I think it does. Some trainers will only train horses for owners like this. They require a level of trust and communicate in a way that either works or doesn’t for that owner. When it doesn’t work, the owner leaves. It’s probably why some trainers seem to have an ever-revolving door.

It’s interesting how all this relates to Equine Assistant. As I’m rolling the beta mobile app out the idea is that this can be a management tool for internal use within large training and breeding barns as well as a way to inspire transparency with owners (past, present and future). We’re just getting started but I find it interesting that one of the things that seems to be resonating is the ability to choose what is shared and with whom.  The app is flexible to deal with both scenarios.

What do you think about the app, and this blog? If you haven’t checked Equine Assistant out yet, you can do so by downloading the iOS version here. And check out our How To on the website. Droid users have to wait a bit longer, but we’re working on it.


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    Eleanor Hamilton December 28, 2016 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    What happens in the Bedroom, stays in the Bedroom
    What happens in the Barn, stays in the Barn!

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