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“I want to train the world a horse”  Hoyt Rose

I have been working on a way to help more people with their horses.  Training is expensive and not everyone can afford it.  Lessons are sometimes hard to organize.  Clinics are good but few and far between with limited real interaction with the clinician.  I have written a short 20 page eBook that explains the three controls that use to train a horse and it has 10 exercises using those controls.  It is raw and it is rough and it is free.  It is my first attempt at this.  I will share updates to the book (new material, diagrams and question and answers) as I complete them through the email that you download it with.


Here is an excerpt from the book:  The hour glass.  This is a great exercise for balance and to keep your horse on lead.  The idea is that you are loping around the arena and you make the corner and lope toward the middle of the arena, but then you veer back toward the wall.  You make an hour glass of the entire arena.  The key to this exercise is to use your hands to guide the horse’s front legs and use your outside leg to keep the horse on the correct lead.  Before you start working on the exercise I want you to think about what this will be good for.  First off think of the show ring and how you need to maneuver around horses.  Sometimes you have to move your horse off lead back towards the wall.  This is where many people swap leads or the horse just breaks down to a trot.  Next, this works on the rider to feel when the horse is going to break gate or when he is collected properly.  The riders feel will get a lot better when doing this exercise.  The rider can tell if the horse is going faster or slower at any part of the hour glass and then they can fix it.

I like to do the hour glass at a lope and then at a gallop.  By doing it at a gallop you can feel the horse’s hind quarters working hard and then when you slow them down you should get the same feel except they will be going slower.  I also like to do this at a collected lope and gallop and at a free lope and gallop (totally loose reins, just letting the horse go at a free speed)  When you do it collected and free you will find how much you are helping your horse balance with your hands.  Remember the Stevie Wonder story here.

Here is the link to get your free copy.

Remember to share this with everyone and anyone you think would benefit.  (4-H leaders, Youth Equestrian clubs, Friends and Family)

Thanks for reading and let’s Get Broke!

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