I had someone ask me what inspires me. Why I write blogs, work on web based projects and share Nerium? Instead of just train horses like most horse trainers do. The truth is I feel it makes me a better person doing these things. It makes me think about right and wrong and how close they are sometimes, and sometimes how far apart. It makes me listen to people to see what makes them tick and, again, how different we are yet similar. I feel proud when a person comments on my blog.

I also believe that people are good by nature and we all want to be happy. So why is life difficult? Life is good. A friend of mine has that on her Facebook, and every time I see it I remind myself how good life is. So all that stuff inspires me to do more. Just think if Bill Gates would say, “We built a damn good computer so let’s keep building the same one.” He keeps innovating to be better. That probably is the real meaning of life … to keep trying to be better until your dead, and have fun along the way.

Horses inspire me to do better. They are just animals and they don’t choose to have us ride them, but most of the time they let us. So we have to be good stewards of that responsibility and always improve on our skills.

People provide the most inspiration. Almost every time I am tired and think a house in town would be nice, I talk to someone who got the horse bug and wants to learn. So I guess I feel it’s my responsibility to teach as much as I can, or as much as I know.

What inspires you to have a horse, work a hard job or just in life?

Thank you for reading.

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    Sara Gehrig-Woodman September 12, 2014 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    Life is a great big challenge to obtain the highest score of meaningfulness across the board in the areas you pick to excel. You can't over-achieve in everything. But you can do your best in as many things as possible & hope that when you look back, you can do it with satisfaction & even pride. You & Pam score off the charts as horse trainers & parents. Life took me in a different direction, so I try to be a good lawyer, a contributing member of my community, & a great friend, a good daughter to my parents & wife to Chad. So my long answer to your question is that we are all inspired to do our best in the areas that are most important to us. The trick is choosing well (job, spouse, career goals) & not getting overcome or sidetracked by disappointments along the way.

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    John Diedrich September 12, 2014 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    I find poverty inspires me to work hard…Keep sending me rainbows FBC!

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