I have read books that discuss the legacy mindset. Meaning that a person who lives life as to create a legacy will be a humanitarian as well as try to create wealth for his family generations to come. At first I looked at this as being egotistical, but after some thought I really liked the thought process. If you are living with a legacy mindset you will be thinking of future generations, not only financially, but also how they remember how you lived.

Another great idea that was touted a couple hundred years ago is, “Do unto other as you would have others do unto you.” This is a great one to have top of mind when we’re raising our kids.  It’s also great when you think about business. If we all push to be successful and we look for ways that we can be successful together, then our lives becomes abundant. Neither business or our lives have to be zero sum games. Some win and some lose. Or we have one pie, and if I get all you get none. Abundance mentality is where we both win.

Like the children who were fighting over the last orange. They decided the best way was to share the orange equally so they cut it in half. One child ate the soft inside of the orange and threw the peel away while the other cut off the peel for a cake she was baking and threw the soft inside away. In this scenario each child could have gotten exactly what they wanted, and nothing would have been wasted. In life this is probably not true all the time. People will want the same parts and have to share, but we should also examine what people really want. There are probably a lot of instances where a disagreement could have been avoided if each true desire was revealed.

Living life as an abundance game where we both win is something to remember …Or being mindful of the legacy remembered.

What do you want to be remembered for?

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