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Mind Your Own Business

This is a quote from Robert Kiyosaki’s book,  Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He talks about when developing a business you need to mind it, both financially and in public perception. I think this goes hand in hand with my last blog.

I was judging over the weekend and eating dinner with the steward and announcer. The subject of Tennessee Walking Horses came up. As usual, I asked questions and listened. The most interesting comments came up with the outsider’s perception of our (Arabian) industry. Like last week’s blog, True North, I believe we need a path to follow which include some self-policing or self-criticism. The new shoeing rules for the Arabian horse shows are a great step. What would the public perception be if we thumbed our nose at the outside critics? Right or wrong, the perception rules and we as an Arabian or the greater horse industry need to respond. PS. Big thanks are due to Lori Conway for working on the shoeing rule.

We can all win. We all want to be more fit, nicer, raise great children, and be a productive member of society. Why is it difficult to get there? I believe that the zero-sum rule need not apply. Zero sum is if I win, you lose. But if we both win everything gets better.

We can’t use certain shoes anymore. Does the horse win? Probably less stress on his legs. Does the trainer win? Probably more chance to showcase his ability to train a horse. Does the owner win? Probably a longer and healthier life of the horse. Does the industry win? Probably with the public view that our horse association is being proactive. So, I believe there are many winners in this issue. Who loses? Note: I don’t have skin in the game (I don’t ride English). But there was an issue with reiners and western horses in the not so distant past with tails, which we are still working through. In reality, the tail issue is just wrong. Kind of reminds me of One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest and zapping crazy people thinking we’re making them better. Stepping back and looking at what we did to the horse was bad. The tail issue pushed trainers to train better and keep horses happy. It pushed owners to breed and buy better. And it pushed vets to help keep horses sound. I think that is a big win for everyone.

My question is twofold. Take a step back and think about what we are doing with horses. What other areas do we need to self-police? I think the industry for the most part does a great job of this, but if we don’t constantly push for self-improvement we could slip into a complacent mode. Second, how can we all win? Win/win is the only way progress moves fast. Facebook had the biggest win/win in sharing posts and pictures with friends and finding old acquaintances. Facebook wins (obviously) with making money through advertising, but the users are the biggest winners and there are many more of them. How as a group can we all gain from something? That’s a pretty strange question. Maybe a better question would be what is an idea that could benefit most of the horse industry that is simple like Facebook?

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