Have you ever sat back and looked at the horse industry and how much we put into these animals not only financially but also time and effort? Think of how many people are involved in a great show horse’s lifetime. Think of your vet, your farrier and how much knowledge they have to put into each animal. Think of how much (or how little) the owners and trainers actually absorb of that knowledge through the limited interactions you have with them at your stable.

What if we could capture and utilize the information that crosses and is intertwined with the four areas of the horse’s life (owner, trainer, vet and farrier) and link them together? What if we could streamline the connection?

Equine Assistant is a mobile app that links owners, trainers/managers, vets and farriers through a calendar and task system. This is the guts of Equine Assistant. We have lots of ideas of how this app will grow in the future. Lesson scheduling can be handled by the app. In the very near future, we see a trainer portal that would replace the whiteboard that’s on every trainer’s wall. We see a way to improve the pre-purchase exam as we know it through easily accessing a horse’s history and records. Horse show entries and management could be more efficient by using Equine Assistant. These are just a few of the directions we can take the app.

The app is subscription based and is held by the owner who pays for the service. The proposed cost per horse is less than fourteen cents a day. When considering the investment owners make in the care of their horse, this is a tool we believe everyone can benefit from … while improving the care and communication with all things relevant to a horse’s care.

The IOS version of the app is live on the App Store. My friends this is a first step and it’s been a two year journey to bring us to where we are today – the beta of a minimally viable product to get the ball rolling. This is just a fraction of what the App will grow into with your help. We are looking for as much feedback as we can on what you like, what you don’t like, and what you wish the app could do. We could also use financial support to build this app out for Android and grow this service. But what we want most from you is feedback. Check out the Equine Assistant website for information of how we’re building Equine Assistant with your help, and how our feedback system will work. The App is free while in beta so it will cost you nothing to help us out.

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