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Solving Problems

Seth Godin had a blog last week that talked about instead of doing what you love, to love what you do. Whatever you do for a living or for a hobby find a problem worth solving and solve it. Life is way more interesting when you’re doing something exciting. Think of the Wright Brothers. There was a national movement to solve the problem of man-powered flight. A bunch of people were trying to solve the problem. I read that the Wright Brothers went out everyday to try to fly. The only time they quit was when they ran out of parts to fix what they broke, when they crashed, or when it got dark. Imagine how interesting and fun that was. Imagine how exciting it would be to wake up every single day and think today might be the day. And if not today, then maybe it will be tomorrow.

My Aunt told me when I quit the accounting field and started training horses again that the world doesn’t need people to do jobs. They need excited people. Excited people are contagious. The more excited people get together and spread what they are doing, the bigger and the better the crowd gets.

Now, lets put the two together. Find a problem to solve and get a group of excited people together to solve it, and let the word spread.

What problem should we solve together?

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    Bev-Bevra Paul Cole September 2, 2014 at 2:17 am - Reply

    You ROCK. When I think of the most memorable and rewarding times of my life. they involve, in one way or another, problem solving. People could argue about whether those problems were "worth" solving or not, but it sure was stimulating and exciting. You have a wise aunt.

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