Tragedy of keeping up

//Tragedy of keeping up

Tragedy of keeping up

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“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”  Jim Rohn

What’s the last thing you think before going to bed?  Most people think of what they didn’t get done today.  Why are we all so busy that we can’t complete tasks in a normal 8 hour day?  Is the economy so bad we have to work longer, faster and more efficient?  Or is it that our days are filled with issues that are out of our control?  I write a list of stuff to do and number them from most important to least important.  Most of the time there is quite a few tasks that are always on the list numbered at 9 or 10.  They never get done.  The 80/20 rule comes to mind here. (20% of the effort produces 80% of the value or more often 80% of your effort produces 20% of the value)  The problem for me, like most people, there are things outside of our control that slow the day down.  The manure spreader breaks and I spend a couple hours fixing it.  I should buy a better one, but a manure spreader is pretty low on the list of equipment to buy.  In reality it would improve my time management by purchasing one, but it doesn’t hurt that bad yet.  Actually when I parked it tonight the wheel was squeaking so loud it scared a couple horses.

How do you keep your squeaky wheels from lengthening your day?

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    Christi Cardenas June 26, 2015 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    Nailed it with this one. In my world squeaky wheels are typically people. I call it working out of the tornado – plucking and putting out fires so at the end of the day even though tasks were completed, were they really the tasks that mattered … both to me and to the client. The solution I continue to try and work is set expectations, make a plan for the day/week, and work the plan. When that fails for a particular client, I’m usually better off (both financially and sanity-wise) “breaking up” with the squeaky wheel. 🙂

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    Kathy Zalusky June 26, 2015 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    You're sooooo right that there are things outside of our control that slow the day down — always! After I quit complaining and muttering that now this or that isn't going to get done, I (usually) can take a deep breath and rationalize that this was — or wasn't – meant to be for today. There's a reason why I can or can't stick to my list. So everything on my list doesn't get done. So what? There's always tomorrow. If all else fails, you can always tear up the list (and start again?)!!!!

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